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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Let's Get Physical

I was getting my fitness on at the gym last night with my bestie and our trainer decided to mix things up a little with our ab workout. He led us over to the Ab Glider machine and this conversation happened:

Him: Have you ever done this machine before?
Me: I'm not sure...
He gets on machine and demonstrates.
Me: Ohhh, is it kinda like a sex swing? Then yes, yes I have done this before.
Him: I'm not sure Liz is big enough for this machine.
Me: Where are the child-sized sex swings?
Liz gets on Ab Glider
Liz: I feel like I keep moving but nothing's happening.
Me: See, it's exactly like sex.
Him: Ok, let's move on to something else.

Today I challenge you all to try something new (or strangely familiar). Happy Thursday!


  1. So I find it interesting that your trainer did not comment directly on the sexual references? Did you make him uncomfortable?

    Also, do you find working out more exciting if the excercise reminds you of sex?

    Personally, I've never tried a sex swing before. Probably because I fear an onset of motion sickness at the wrong moment!

  2. The only thing that excites me about working out is when it reminds me of sex (at least what I remember of how sex works, that is.)

    I'm glad this blog is a safe place for us all to share our hangups on sex swings. Keep the comments coming friends.

  3. Well I have agree, at least in part, because if you aren't thinking about having sex or planning on having sex, then why workout???

    Looking forward to new and exciting posts!