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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

An Open Letter to My Neighbors

Howdy Neighbor,

Congratulations on forming your very first death metal noise band! As an avid supporter of the arts, I salute your efforts to bring more live music to Tallahassee. What's more, free live music that we don't even have to leave home to listen to! I was just saying to myself "Geez, my Wednesday nights are really lacking a musically guided journey through the inner circles of hell" and then - BOOM - here you come with your drumming and your screaming. I particularly like how you have found a way to incorporate microphone feedback into your musical style.

Keep up the good work!

XOXOh my God, make it stop--
The Lady Blogger

P.S. I apologize for the impersonal nature of this message. I did a Google search for "Teen Alt-Angsty Screamo Band + Tallahassee" to find your name and contact info, but nothing turned up. I blame SOPA.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Prom Is the New Kardashian Wedding

If you're as well-versed in MTV shows targeted at a high school audience as I am, you are familiar with the relatively new phenomena of the Prom Proposal. I personally wasn't asked to my own senior prom (shocker, I know), but if I was I imagine it would have probably taken place in the school parking lot the day before in an absolute last resort situation. It certainly would NOT have involved an elaborate set-up with flowers, original songs, and billboards with the simple question "Prom?"

The kids these days have taken the prom proposal to an entirely new level with their lights and balloons and their scaling of high school buildings and such.

Now I'm no Sonali Rodrigues, but I think I deserve a little prom redemption. Good thing I have the 7th and Final 80's Prom to look forward to this month. The next two weeks will be filled with Goodwill shopping, hair teasing trial runs, and sitting at home desperately hoping that a basket full of tiny baby rabbits shows up on my doorstep with a sign that says "SomeBUNNY wants to go to Prom with you".

See you there dudes and dudettes!